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EUROGEN is a SIMSEK Group Company.
SIMSEK Group Company 1999 TURKEY / Island was founded in the city.
EUROGEN Generator serves 5,000 square meters of facility and 60 personnel.
EUROGI the Generator, the energy production area of ​​Turkey is one of the leading specialist brand.

EUROGEN Generator has highly experienced and qualified staff with knowledge and practical knowledge in the energy production industry worldwide. An in-house TR design team, various engine / alternator combinations, automatic synchronization and parallel operation for control systems and redundant power systems from main power to automatic power failure, static and trailer-mounted kits, weatherproof and acoustic cabins as well as ISO containers A full range of additional equipment is also available.
EUROGEN Generator works to provide its customers with quality products manufactured according to the latest industry standards.

EUROGEN Generator products meet the highest standards in all stages of production in accordance with international standards. The quality of our products and services cannot be separated from the correct behavior and work ethic. offers products that always meet customers' needs - produces high-quality solutions that are easy to install with a proven track record of overwork, production or work in climatic conditions.


Our mission;

to meet the electrical energy needs of the domestic and foreign production and service providers and the end consumers in order to prevent the disruption of the activities and the comfort of the end consumers with reasonable prices, superior quality and in accordance with the legislation.


Our vision;

Our mission is to become one of the world's leading energy producers by following the developing standards with our competent and creative staff by assimilating the importance of information and technology without compromising from the tır human first iler philosophy, firm reliability and product quality.

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