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Spare Parts, After Sales Service and Installation

Our After Sales Services unit uses state-of-the-art materials and equipment in its business processes by closely following the latest technology developments. Our technical staff consists of experienced experts who have completed their theoretical and practical training in this field. Our company believes that there is a need to upgrade sustainable quality standards and always aim to offer the inan highest quality service seviy to its customers by raising the technical knowledge level.


Reliable support is required for years of trouble-free service when your generator set is installed.

EUROGEN spare parts and service department provides all our spare parts and services to keep our generator set in first class condition.


If customers need an installation service, EUROGEN can provide all the expertise of the installer to ensure that your service unit is installed correctly. Recommendations on all aspects of the installation, including ventilation airflow, exhaust pressure, fuel systems and machine room layouts. In short, EUROGEN can offer a complete installation and after-sales package.


Diesel driven generator sets from 5kva to 3000 kva. Highly trained design engineers use the latest technology to design generator sets and control systems to meet the exact requirements of customers. EUROGEN generator sets provide the primary or standby power to hospitals, factories, offices, construction sites, airports, banks, telecommunications systems or wherever reliable power is required.

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Eurogen Alternator
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